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I AM YOURS – Abelard and Heloise
Sung by Rob Evan and Tamra Hayden
Abelard and Heloise forswear their eternal love to each other. This clip combines the intimate moment they share at Argenteuil, and the glorious ending of the musical where Abelard and Heloise realize they are forever one.

Sung by Liz Callaway
Abelard and Heloise have fled to Brittany. In the warmth of the morning sun, Heloise sings to her newborn son.

I AM A MAN – Abelard
Sung by Rob Evan
Abelard’s understands what his love for Heloise now means to him.

Sung by Robert Cuccioli
Abelard and Heloise have made love for the first time. Abelard, standing in the shadows, witnesses Heloise lit by the glow of the rising sun.

PIE DEUS (The Wedding) – Ensemble
Sung by Ingrid Ladendorf and Ensemble
Abelard and Heloise are married secretly in a dark chamber of Notre Dame. In the main Cathedral, a ceremony takes place. As Abelard and Heloise exchange rings, the glorious voices of monks and nuns swell as the bells of Notre Dame resound.

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